Come to us!

Caution! Rooms are not equiped with TVsat! To tell the truth, we don't have TVsat at all. Well, honestly speeking we don't have TV either. Why we speek about it at the very beginning? It is quite unusual not to have "TVsat in every room" these days. It is a warning for those eddicted to TV - stay awayor come for ananti-treetment.

What else we don't offer? We don't offer a bathroom in every room, for example. We have a specious bathroom with a bath with hot water for you, but one and only.More of that, we propose to use a solar shower (if the weather allows) outside. It has a beautiful forest view, you feel a wind and sun on your body, and you safe energy and most of all, water. (Have you heard that Poland is drying up? We can experience it every autumn - the lack of water in the well). This is also the reason why we propose (not insist!) to use the outside toilet. Yes, the one with the heart cut in the wooden door..

What else there is not? Well, easy way in. Noone succeeded to reach destination ignoring our directions, and relying on GPS. It'll probably happen one day, but for now.. GPS will lead you to the crossroads with the little chapel (it used to be gallows in old times there). It is 3km away from us, fields and winds arround, and your GPS says:here. The second thing: forget about a sealed road; welcome to dust, holes mud, snow (depending on the season).. Is your curiosity warmed up enough? You won't be dossapointed!

Well, finally, what can you find here? One guy from Ukraine (sic!) said one day: "this is the end of the geography, here!" he exaggerated, of course.. What kind of end of the geography 30km away from Warsaw - Okęcie Airport? But looks a little beat like it: forests, fields and meadows. little houses (farms some hundreds of meters away), wild animals and these roads…

And that is what we have best for our guests: kind of separation, peace and silence. And the nature, our friend - not enemy to fight with. But we are not totally wild men and we have some connections with the civilisation - not only by country roads, but also by radio and internet.

The house

..after all these years the house divided into two parts: common space with the kitchen, dining room, library and bathroom

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..and private space with the bedrooms at the attic.

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You can sllep in one of the three bedrooms (two double and one single). Dogs are not allowed upstairs, so they can sleep outside, or with their owners in the library (double bed), or in the, so called, summer kitchen.

"The summer kitchen"

For those looking fr more privacy we have a separate room inside the granary building. It is called "summer kitchen" because such used to be it's purpose. Other names, such as "the winter pallace", haven't caught up. There is a hot warer and a wood burning stove there.

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In the orchard

It is a 60years old orchard with apple, plum and walnut trees. It offers some meadow space and some shade underneeth.Blossoms in may, fruits in the autumn. Nice place for tents.

On the hay

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